By: Mike Sullivan

One observation I’ve made about the Detroit Tigers these past few years is that this team is truly like one big family. The chemistry seems to be great and everybody gets along with one another.

I think their success on the field these past few seasons, winning three straight AL Central crowns, is a direct result of the chemistry that’s within the squad. The locker room is a very comfortable, laid back environment, filled with laughter, conversational advice to one another, and even players’ kids are running around. Everybody looks out for one another and you can tell that they really have each other’s backs.

We very rarely hear about internal issues or anything of that nature at all. The bond and brotherhood that the Tigers have created extends outside of just the clubhouse, as well.

#hangingoutwithmybrothas #goodtimes #foodwasawesome #thanksAnabal #teamtigers

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Wednesday, the Tigers played a day game and swept the Oakland A’s at Comerica Park. Later that evening, Torii Hunter took to instagram and posted a couple of photos of the team having a barbecue together at somebody’s house. It appears to be Anibal Sanchez who hosted the gathering, based on Torii’s hashtag “ThanksAnabal,” who is also at the center of the photo. And yes, I know, he spelled “Anibal” wrong, but that’s not the point. Here were Torii’s other hashtags:

#hangingoutwithmybrothas, #foodwasawesome, #goodtimes, #teamtigers. He then went on to post another instagram photo, which was the same one, except a wider image that displayed Justin Verlander and JD Martinez with the caption “There’s JD!”

There's JD! 😃😃

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This photo, in my opinion, sums up the chemistry that exists within this team. Torii Hunter, the veteran leader, perfectly showcased the brotherhood that the Tigers have. It’s not like this was a barbecue with just a couple of players either, this was a gathering in which virtually the entire team appeared to be present. In my opinion, their close-knit team chemistry is a main reason why the Tigers are an elite organization.

Post game Bar-B-Q with the crew!

A post shared by JD Martinez (@jdmartinez28) on

Pictured in the photo are: Miguel Cabrera, Austin Jackson, Victor Martinez, Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Torii Hunter, Alex Avila, Anibal Sanchez, Rajai Davis, Joba Chamberlain, Joe Nathan, JD Martinez, Eugenio Suarez, Bryan Holaday, and Tigers first base coach Omar Vizquel.


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