Devin has no clue of how he’s acting in this game. He thinks he’s a puppet master, but his week as HOH and his blog entry was as mess. Devin’s sincere shout out to his daughter and her mom was sweet moment. With the POV up for grabs it was anyone’s guess to what would happen. Tonight’s episode was almost great, it left me wanting more but we did get see the final members of Team America.

So who goes home?

After the BOTB competition it was Devin still in power as HOH and I wasn’t happy about it one bit. I was hoping Devin would have been dethroned and possibly backdoored but that never came to fruition. Here’s hoping this could happen next week or the week after. It’s clear that Brittany wasn’t going to down without a fight. It was funny to hear that Paola thought she could have crushed that competition. However she lost that competition and didn’t throw it, but in Devin’s eyes Paola threw it. I’m surprised Paola doesn’t see herself as a floater in this game and keeps trying to say she’s a competitor when clearly she isn’t.

The Bomb Squad Crumbles

It’s clear that Zach, Derrick, Christine and Cody aren’t seeing eye to eye with Devin. I’m glad to see there is a slight crack in this alliance and seeing it slowly crumble gives me joy. An eight-person alliance is just way to many people. How hard headed is Devin? It’s amusing to see Devin’s pout in the HOH room after his conversation with Caleb. Caleb was only trying to give Devin some perspective on what the other houseguests and his alliance were feeling. Then somehow in the heat of the moment Devin says, “there’s no more alliance.” It’s becoming clear that Frankie is playing both sides of the house because of his social game and sticking with whoever is in power. At the end of the day Caleb made amends with Devin, but neither one could really trust the other yet felt the alliance was still important to stay intact than fall apart. Did they forget it’s only the second week? It’s interesting how Devin doesn’t see his own actions affect the other members of the house.

Frankie & Derrick join Team America

Speaking of Frankie, it’s clear that Frankie was chosen thanks to his YouTube followers as well as his sister’s fans. I was happy to see Derrick was also chosen to be a part of Team America alliance. So I’m ok with Derrick & Donnie, 2/3 of the alliance. It was pretty random to use the words “Bald Eagle,” and “Apple Pie,” as the code for the other alliance members. It would have been funnier to see a few houseguests say the same words. I wanted to see more of a challenge in revealing themselves to each other. Now we’ll have to see whether, “Having two houseguests kiss and start a rumor they’re in a showmance,” or “Start a rumor to three other houseguest that a houseguest is related to a former BB houseguest,” will be done as their first task. Either one will be interesting to see play out, but to protect the alliance, I think the showmance option will be easier to accomplish.

Zach Creates a Target on Himself

Devin calls for a Bomb Squad Meeting and tries to explain how Floaters will help the alliance further themselves in the game. I’m so confused that Devin wants to keep floaters. Floaters should go home. Simple as that! Zach takes a risk in trying to speak up and it’s surprising how quickly people keep mum. Devin thinks Zach is the weak link, but it’s pretty clear he’s the weak link in the alliance. Devin is way too much of a loose cannon and it’s obvious he only cares about one person only in this game and it’s himself. If the alliance doesn’t go his way than he has a tantrum and bullies them into what he wants.

Devin Balances for POV

The mobile challenge definitely got the best of many of the houseguests during the POV challenge. Devin and Derrick were neck and neck in completing the challenge. But it was Devin who was victorious. Devin’s POV win is showing he’s a competitor and a threat in the game. Being HOH and POV winner this week makes him the most powerful player for the week. If he was smart he would have had strategy to save himself for next week, when he’s not HOH. Zach tries to save himself, but Devin doesn’t trust Zach at all. Then Zach tries to talk to his bromance Frankie and isn’t getting anywhere with him. Which proves more how much Frankie is playing everyone in the house and being a floater. Frankie isn’t making any game moves and just going with whoever is in power. He was sitting pretty last week with the start of the Bomb Squad alliance, but it’s clear that Zrankie was doomed from the start.

Brittany made her case for Devin. Devin’s choice in words for why he decided to save Brittany was just ironic because he wanted to play an honest game. But Brittany went for the “parent” card, which struck a chord with Devin and he used the POV on Brittany instead of Paola. Even though Devin promised Paola if she threw the BOTB & POV competitions. Then Devin told Brittany about Paola’s deal with him. During Brittany’s POV speech she tells the house that Paola was her target and that was great. Whereas Paola who went before Brittany just struck some poses and claimed it was her only chance to shine.

Prediction for Eviction & HOHs

So a teaser for tonight’s episode, post POV ceremony something major happens. If you have the live feeds you know what happens. But in seeing a small snippet without audio, it looks to be a good war of words going on. What was up with the close ups of Victoria and Jocasta? We have yet to hear a storyline with them and they’re beginning to be background people on this show when they should be playing the game. However their votes will definitely be important this second week of competition. I predict a vote of 9-3 Paola will be evicted this week, but it could be a closer vote. It seems like Zach will promise to go after Devin if he were to be saved, while Paola will just continue to say she’ll fight and compete but will fall flat.

I really hope that Zach and Nicole win HOH. Or it would be nice to see maybe Victoria and Jocasta win, so we can see how what kind of game they are playing and maybe actually have a storyline for the show. I’m excited to see what happens post POV tonight and if Amber tries to evict the host, Julie Chen again live! Tune in at 9pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see whether Paola or Zach go home and who will be crowned HOHs this week!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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