DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – It was a random act of kindness that shocked a family and has taken off on social media like a rocket.

A man was handed a note from a stranger at the Detroit Tigers game on Tuesday night.

Tom Burns goes on to describe his thoughts about the kind note, which read, “Thanks for teaching your kids the greatest game ever.”

Burns goes on to describe his feelings in this blog except from The Good Men Project:

….. Maybe he appreciated my wife and I doing our best to make sense of the game to the younger kids. OR, and, for some reason, this is harder for me to wrap my head around, but maybe he was just an incredibly kind person. Maybe he had no agenda. Maybe there was no inciting incident that acted as a catalyst for his charitable act. Maybe he was just out for the night, watching his favorite game, “the greatest game ever,” he was feeling pretty good, and he was overcome with the desire to pass that feeling on.

So he got up, went to the gift shop, bought some souvenirs, found a pen, wrote a note, and decided that the best way to deliver his package of goodwill was to drop it off anonymously and disappear into the shadows like Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams. (True story—I did ask the people behind us if they were sure the man wasn’t a ghost.

By the end of the game, they were still undecided.) If you’re reading this, Man Who Was Sitting Behind Us in Section 329, Row B at Comerica Park Last Night, THANK YOU.

Your act of kindness made an already fun night positively magical for my daughter and my nephews … Burns wrote on the site.


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