By: Evan Jankens

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera has become a regular on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk.” His last time on the show the big talk was about the Zubaz pants the entire Detroit Tigers team was wearing at the time. Ah, that was so six weeks ago.

This time, Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer, Ian Kinsler and Victor Martinez joined Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on the show. And it didn’t sound like the team is supporting the Zubaz look anymore. Chris Rose asked if anyone brought the Zubaz and that’s when Kinsler replies with, “yeah, we burned those things.”

Other topics that were discussed was the weight Cabrera has put on since his rookie season, and who has the best fantasy football team — allegedly, it’s Scherzer.

Martinez makes it known it’s not tough to bat behind Cabrera since Miggy never leaves anyone on base for him. Cabrera also jokes that Kinsler leaves a lot of RBI opportunities for himself.

The players also comment on Prince Fielder’s infamous nude ESPN cover.


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