By Ashley Dunkak

CBS DETROIT – Ndamukong Suh apparently cannot escape his bad-boy reputation no matter where he goes, even when he goes on a weight-lifting reality show called “American Muscle.”

In a clip of the show released in advance of an episode featuring Suh that airs Wednesday night, a strength trainer clad in Green Bay Packers gear and introduced as “Tank Dog” approaches Suh about his infamous stomp of Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith.

“You take that weak jersey off,” Suh said with a smile as Tank Dog walked in.

The humorous exchange continued with the trainer explaining that many Packers fans do not like Suh. Tank Dog then expressed a desire to bridge the gap between Suh and Packers fans, and then he told Suh he cannot go out and kill the Packers.

“So you want me to just go out there and just say hi to them?” Suh asked.

“I don’t want you kicking them in the nuts like you did Schaub,” Tank Dog quickly replied, drawing a grin from Suh. “That whole stomp thing? What’d he say to you, dog? Did he grab you? He held you, and you were like, ‘Get the f— off me!’ Something happened.”

Suh found a creative way to issue a no-comment sort of response.

“Man, that’s in the woods, man,” Suh said. As Tank Dog continued talking, Suh repeated that phrase six more times.

The clip ended with Tank Dog going in for an awkward hug with Suh, which Suh did not reciprocate, although the trainer’s effort did draw another smile from the massive Detroit Lions defensive tackle.

An extended clip, which can be seen here, shows Tank Dog’s efforts to get Suh and Packers guard T.J. Lang to interact. While the trainer does eventually score a photo with both, the meeting looked awkward at best.




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