SAGINAW (CBSDETROIT) – Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says he’s trading in the prison orange jumpsuits for something a little more traditional.

“With shows on television, like “Orange is the New Black” and with people wearing orange jumpsuits and pant and shirt – I did not want the public to be confused as to whether it was an inmate of Saginaw county or not.

“They are large black and white stripes, horizontal, going across the jumpsuit,” said Federspiel, “it’s a one piece jumpsuit, about four-inch stripes.”

Sheriff Federspiel says the felons don’t like their new jumpers:

“We have had some inmates who don’t like it, some of the inmates have said they don’t like it because it makes them look like criminals, and my response was you are in jail so you probably committed a crime and been convicted. It’s not by chance that you are here,” he said.¬†“If they don’t like the food I serve or the clothes that I provide you, I didn’t invite you, you don’t have to come back – it’s a choice.”

The Sheriff says he made the change because more of the general public is now wearing orange and the new Netflix show “Orange is the New Black” has inmates sporting orange jumpsuits.

“I don’t want there to be any confusion, if you see black and white horizontal stripes on someone – they are an inmate of the Saginaw County Jail and we put it in red across the back of the jumpsuit. Property – Saginaw County Jail.

“We just wanted to go across the board with one outfit.” said Federspiel. “And because of that, we saved eight hundred dollars initially and then the cost of the jumpsuit, which will be on average $11.73 per jumpsuit.”

Federspiel says now there’s no confusion as to who is a felon and who is a fashionista.


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