By: Evan Jankens

Michigan State’s head football coach Mark Dantonio gave a tour of the new Spartan locker room on Tuesday, showing off what the school got for its $20 million north end zone renovation.

You can see in the video above the new look from a virtual tour Mark Dantonio gave a year ago.

The renovation, which just wrapped up, features a prominent recruiting center, as well as new locker rooms and team spaces, support spaces, media rooms, more restrooms, concessions, donor plazas and renovated entry gates. The new locker room is impressive — at 5,000 square feet with two 500-square-foot shower areas.

Dantonio says in the video: “It also provides that same atmosphere, that first-class atmosphere that’s so vital to our players and our press and our recruits—and, you know, recruiting is the lifeblood of every program. It’s one of the things that is necessary to win.”

What do you think of the renovations — will they have an impact on recruiting?


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