Warren Mayor Compares ‘Reason Station’ To KKK, Other Hate Groups, Won’t Allow In City Hall

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(credit: istock)

(credit: istock)

WARREN (CBS DETROIT) – Douglas Marshall wants to set up a so-called “reason station” and distribute materials promoting reason and logic alongside the city’s prayer station that doles out religious pamphlets and prays with visitors but that’s not going over well with Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

Annie Laurie-Gaylor is with the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which is representing Marshall in the federal lawsuit.

“They created a public forum only for religion and this is utterly unconstitutional,” stated Laurie-Gaylor.

She says the city’s prayer station discriminates against non-believers.

“Atheists are at the bottom of social totem pole – when it comes to social acceptance – there’s just no question. The mayor himself has made many intemperate and unkind statements,” said Laurie-Gaylor.

But the Warren mayor has denied that accusation and says he can’t allow a display aimed at putting down others’ beliefs.

“Just like I allow a celebration of Martin Luther King to go in City Hall – I would not allow someone from the White Citizens Council, the Klu Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party to put up a stand, because they disparage other ethnic groups,” said Fouts.

Fouts says the goal of the ‘reason table’ is to disparage religion and he won’t allow that.

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