WARREN (CBS DETROIT) – Douglas Marshall wants to set up a so-called “reason station” and distribute materials promoting reason and logic alongside the city’s prayer station that doles out religious pamphlets and prays with visitors — but that’s not going over well with Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

Annie Laurie-Gaylor is with the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which is representing Marshall in the federal lawsuit.

“They created a public forum only for religion and this is utterly unconstitutional,” stated Laurie-Gaylor.

She says the city’s prayer station discriminates against non-believers.

“Atheists are at the bottom of social totem pole – when it comes to social acceptance – there’s just no question. The mayor himself has made many intemperate and unkind statements,” said Laurie-Gaylor.

But Fouts denied that accusation, saying he can’t allow a display aimed at putting down others’ beliefs.

“Just like I allow a celebration of Martin Luther King to go in City Hall – I would not allow someone from the White Citizens Council, the Klu Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party to put up a stand, because they disparage other ethnic groups,” said Fouts.

Fouts says the goal of the ‘reason table’ is to disparage religion and he won’t allow that.


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