2011’s Sexiest Man Alive is flipping burgers. But why?

The 39-year-old Bradley Cooper was spotted at a Burger King in London over the weekend. But he’s definitely not looking for a new career. Cooper was learning the ropes of working at a fast-food restaurant chain for his latest comedy, “Adam Jones,” which is about a chef who assembles a crew together in an attempt to create the best restaurant ever.

I don’t care what anyone says, I bet Cooper looks hot flipping burgers. Have it your way indeed!

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Did Kiefer Sutherland make another actor want to quit acting?

Sounds like Freddie Prinze Jr. has beef with the “24” actor. Prinze is opening up about his experience working with Sutherland on season eight of “24.” He calls him “unprofessional” and temperamental, and adds that working with Sutherland ruined him so badly, he had to take time off from acting.

Sutherland’s representatives, however, say he enjoyed working with Prinze and “wishes him the best.”

How sweet.

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A UFC fighter makes a statement during his weigh-in. Kyle Kingsbury strips down, showing off his ripped body, six-pack abs, and tiny pink underwear that reads “Legalize Gay” across his butt.

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