WINDSOR (WWJ) – Michigan and Canada have appointed members of an authority to oversee construction of a two billion dollar public bridge between Detroit and Windsor.

Governor Snyder appeared unusually frank over the lack of funding through Congress on funding the toll plaza reports WWJ’s Ron Dewey.

“Their existing position has been one they didn’t want to pay for or rent it,” said Snyder. “I don’t believe that’s a rational position to take and I think it’s something that is inappropriate.”

Snyder followed by saying that discussions are ongoing with Washington to fund the US toll plaza. Snyder would not speculate on whether Canada would fund the toll plaza along with the bridge.

He says something should give soon.

“That’s really sometime next year – in terms of that is when it would be a constraint – it’s not a constraint now in terms of the customs plaza,'” said Snyder.

Among the Michigan representatives Matthew Rissik chief tax officer for Quicken Loans Detroit — he was asked how challenging it will be to get this bridge off the drawing board and into the ground.

“I think we’re going to get this going soon, I really do, I think this board has come together very nicely and you’ll get your little bumps but I think for the most part this is going to run fairly smoothly,” said Rissik.

Canada’s Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt is adamant about seeing the project through. “Our main focus is to make sure we build this bridge in the timelines that we indicated, we are not going to let financing stand in the way.”

With the completion date set for 2020, land acquisition on the US side of the bridge is the next hurdle for the project.

The boards first organizational meeting is set for next month.


House Bill Blocks Funding For New Bridge To Canada


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