By: Sara

Even the roughest and the toughest rappers might need to check their shorts after a scary amusement park ride. DMX is no exception. He and one of his boys hit up the Magical Midway in Orlando and decided to brave something called the Slingshot.

Before being shot into the air, DMX repeatedly yells, quote, “This some scary s–t,” before shouting, quote, “Hurry up! Before I change my mind!” He even let out a few trademark grunts and “Whaaaaaaaaaat”s.

But by the end of the ride, DMX is back to being a tough guy (even though he was holding his necklace the whole time like an old lady clutching her pearls) and declares, quote, “We did that! Gs up!”

The best part is right at the end when X and his buddy claim that they weren’t really scared, and they were just amping it up and screaming for the cameras.


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