It looked to be a nail-biter finish for the HOH competition when we last saw the houseguests. However it was over before we knew it. The HOHs this week seem to have a big game move but are too afraid to fully execute it. The nominees were predictable (even though I predicted wrong) and continue to show the houseguests are afraid to get “blood on their hands.” Do these houseguests realize they’re playing Big Brother? Take risks, go after people who threaten your game and please get Frankie out of the house, for game purposes! I’m glad our Michigander Nicole is starting to see how much of a target Frankie is to her game. Take a look at my recap.

Donnie & Nicole’s Tie Breaking Win

When we last left the houseguests, Julie said she had more questions for the houseguests but had to cut it short due to the live program. However during last night’s episode it was just one question left, a tiebreaker and the two people closest to the number would win. Every one had gone over, but it was Nicole & Donny that came out the winners and were the new HOHs for the week. Hayden would have been it if Donny didn’t guess less than him. Zach’s acting was a bit much and wasn’t really all that believable. He’ll just have to wait for that Best Acting award from Big Brother for a long time. Meanwhile Jocasta was kicking herself for knowing the answers. But getting hit with nerves during the competition and being the first one eliminated from the competition.

Seeing Donnie and Nicole’s HOH room was a nice change of pace from a Bomb Squad or Detonator from being an HOH. It was Nicole’s second HOH win and Donnie’s first. I was laughing when Caleb immediately found a new lady to fawn over, Mariah, Nicole’s “soul mate.” Best part of the segment was when Nicole read her letter and immediately Caleb got shot down from Mariah when she informed Nicole she had a boyfriend. Caleb’s attraction of women continues to be zero. Donnie was very emotional reading his letter from his girlfriend. It was nice to see Donnie get a little piece of home.

Frankie Is The Real Target

Now with Donnie and Nicole in charge, it was good to hear them talk game in the HOH room. Immediately Nicole throws out Caleb & Zach’s names but then tries to figure out whom to nominate them with. Donnie says he’d put up Caleb & Victoria, but couldn’t put up his buddy/alliance member Jocasta. Even Nicole felt a little anxious having to put up Jocasta too, however they had no trouble putting up Victoria. Seems like Victoria is becoming the scapegoat for nominations, kind of like Amy from Season 3 or Sharon from Season 9.

Zach tried to assume he was the target and tried to use “reverse psychology,” on Nicole to not getting himself nominated. I think his reverse psychology did more to get him nominated then to be safe. Caleb was an easy choice for Donnie, even though Caleb tired to pin Donnie’s nomination on Devin. What’s even worse is Caleb point blank told Donnie he doesn’t want to be put up with Victoria and be put up with a strong guy. Donnie clearly knowing what he’s doing would do the first choice over the latter. However it would have made for a more interesting competition to see all guys nominated for eviction. In the end it was Caleb & Victoria who were nominated by Donnie, while Zach & Jocasta were nominated by Nicole, who tried to do a great speech and insult Zach. I think though that only fueled Zach even more to win the BOB.

The biggest and most wonderful surprise was hearing who the target was going to be this week was Frankie. It was true that Frankie would easily backdoor Donnie the second he saw the opportunity to evict him. Rather than having Donnie get blood on his hands, he pushed for Nicole to go with that gut feeling. Both Donnie and Nicole even asked for Hayden’s advice, which was to put both Zach & Jocasta and Victoria & Caleb up for nomination. Then if POV were to be used put up Frankie. For the game, it makes perfect sense. Personally I think Frankie is playing a great game, but he’s not fooling Nicole and our Michigander wants to make sure she’s going to be walking away with the $500k check and  not Frankie.

Princess & the Beast win BOB

“Communication is key,” as both Jocasta & Victoria, said to their respective partners who were also up for eviction. Too bad they couldn’t communicate last week, it would have shook the house up even more. This week’s BOB competition was a “Brain’s challenge,” it involved stacking dominoes and then having them tip over. The catch, which ever houseguests wins BOB would have to suffer three punishments of their choosing from where they stacked their dominoes. It seemed to be a close race, however a technical error from Zach & Jocasta gave the opportunity to Caleb & Victoria to come from behind and win the POV. In doing so, their punishments were to be on slop for two weeks, be chained together like “Adam & Eve,” while wearing a fig inspired outfit and one of them would have their head shaven. From the diary room confessional, looks like Caleb got his head shaven; I was hoping to have seen Victoria take that punishment. Imagining her complaining and crying about it would make for great TV. For Caleb, this is probably just something he’s probably done before.

Prediction for POV

Unless Zach or Jocasta wins POV I see no chance the POV will be used. I think Nicole will be too scared to be brave and risk using the POV and putting up Frankie. I’m wondering since they’ve already done a punishment challenge (BOB this week), if they’ll do another one for the POV this week. I predict a houseguest who isn’t nominated currently will win HOH and decide not to use the POV. If Nicole or Zach win, I’ll be surprised, but I’ll be even more surprised if somehow Jocasta starts “playing the game,” and wins it herself in her own accord. I would personally love to see Frankie up on the block with his bromance Zach and seeing which side the house will go with and evict. Clearly Nicole is tired of the guys controlling this house, however little does she know that if she doesn’t make a big move this week, she’ll quickly regret with the impending live double eviction on Thursday.

Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62, to see Caleb & Victoria tied together as “Adam & Eve,” as well as one of them (most likely Caleb) getting their head shaved and whether Zach or Jocasta win POV having Nicole decide on a replacement nominee.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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