By: Evan Jankens

For once in my life, I can really relate with a professional athlete. In this case it’s Paul George. I also broke my tibia and fibula while playing basketball. It snapped in half so I understand the pain he is going through.

I was laid up for months just as George will be.

But here’s the difference: I bought myself an XBox 360 top help ease the pain. My reward cost roughly $300.

Paul George on the other hand spent a few more bucks. George dropped $250,000 on a brand new Ferrari.

Here is what George had to say about it on his Instagram page:

Shoutout my guy @roadstarrmotorsports for gettin me right again.. He hooked this one up! Although I can’t drive for a while I can still look at it!!! #FerrariBoyz #458 #OneofOne #CantWaitToGetBetter #AlwaysWantedOne #Italia #DreamCar #NowIGotIt #Blessed

Mr. George you have trumped me big time! If you have been under a rock for the last few days click HERE to see the injury.


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