Almost to the half way point and this season of Big Brother finally got interesting! Nicole got blindsided tonight and I hope our Michigander can fight to live another week! Julie announces that there will be a nine-person jury this season and we are almost to the half waypoint. With the turn of events that have happened this week, it was great to see a double eviction occur and houseguests fighting to win. Fear the beard and let me recap to you last night’s exciting live episode!

Jocasta Sent To Jury

We left off from the POV ceremony when Christine kept the nominations the same, ensuring Zach to be voted out, or so we thought. When Derrick had a conversation with Caleb, that’s when things changed and was interesting to see the thought process. Who would have thought Caleb would convince Derrick to keep Zach and ensure stronger numbers in the house for him to stay further in the game. Derrick then tells Cody that they had two options of either being “floaters,” or voting out a “floater,” and I think they made the right choice for their game. However it wasn’t great for Jocasta, the 33 year-old pastor from Georgia that was sent home to a not surprising 5-2 vote. But when Julie told news to Jocasta of a possible return to the game, she was ecstatic. Who knows maybe God did want her to be evicted and then maybe return to the game. But I predict she will be in jury house until the finale when she cast her vote for the winner.

Caleb is Crowned Sole HOH

Julie revealed to the houseguests for the second eviction for the night, the co-HOH twist was over momentarily and only one HOH would be crowned. The HOH competition was trivia challenge and thankfully it wasn’t a 50/50 guess and a 33% chance of getting the answer correct. I think after the last one they had to make it where they had three options as oppose to two to eliminate houseguests. The producers’ plans paid off as after one question only three remained in the game leaving Caleb, Christine and Zach in the competition. Zach was then eliminated after the next question and after a draw from the third; Caleb became the sole HOH defeating Christine. With little time to make a decision and no time for us as viewers to see the conversations happening, Caleb nominated Hayden & Donny for eviction.

Haycole No More

Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb thought he could just get rid of Donny but he proved him wrong by winning the POV! The POV competition was a typical Double eviction competition, where it was a “needle in a haystack” and you had to find the needle, in this case three rubber duckies before retrieving the veto and ringing the buzzard. It was an intense race, where it was Donny, Zach or Caleb that looked to win the POV after retrieving two of the three rubber duckies. Donny was triumphant and out of breath after winning but ensured his safety for the night. Then in no surprise Nicole was put up as the replacement nominee.

During their pleas to stay in the house the showmance Haycole to the opportunity to call out Frankie & Christine to the house and to Zach letting him as well as the house know of what they’ve been doing. It was a little too late for Hayden the 21 year-old Pedi cab driver living in Long Beach, CA, as he was the second one evicted that night and the second member of the jury. Julie also tells Hayden to “expect the unexpected,” with a possibility to coming back in the house. The only person I can see coming back to the house in jury if they were evicted other than Hayden would be Donny because it will most likely be an America’s vote for a jury member to come back into the house and play the game. But will we see a similar scenario from Season 13 where the evicted houseguest of that week and the voted member from the Jury compete for a spot back in the game? Or will it be an endurance competition like last season where we see everyone compete and see who will return to the game as well as who will be the next HOH(s)?!? So many guesses as to what’s going to happen next on this “most twisted,” season!

My Ranking Of The Houseguests

  1. Derrick – His name is still on the check for $100k, unless he makes a huge error Derrick is playing the game as well as the houseguests well.
  2. Caleb – I was surprised at how well Caleb knew a lot of the competitions and remembers them. Or if it was just dumb luck. Either way he moved up in my rankings not because of his win as HOH but also convincing Derek to keep the numbers in their favor and not playing Nicole or Hayden’s game.
  3. Donny – These houseguests should “Fear the Beard,” Donny has been doing such a great job in this game, but I fear that even though he’s not on the majority side of the house, he’s still a part of Team America and he’s a competitor who steps up to the challenge during POV.
  4. Frankie – He escaped the double eviction, but will he get himself to the finale? Hopefully he’ll make amends with Zach and keep Zankie going. We need a showmance in the house even if it’s a bromance.
  5. Cody – I’m waiting for him to make a great game move for his own game other than following the alliances he has. He’s still a dark horse to win, but I would like to see Cody do more social game play as well as win a competition.
  6. Christine – It’s funny how she wanted to evict a member of her alliance as a quid pro quo for her nomination on the block, but ultimately staying with the alliance and keeping the numbers on her side. I give her credit for winning the POV last week, so maybe she’ll win a HOH and not be a “floater,” like Jenn from season 14.
  7. Zach – Made a great speech, fumbled on the HOH competition and continues to just sleep. He made some big waves these past few weeks, but I would love to see him start playing the game again socially to ensure himself into the finale.
  8. Nicole – Our Michigander lost it when Hayden left the house. Clearly she was blindsided but I hope this “Super fan,” can get her head back in the game to actually make it far or she can just expect to see Hayden soon in the jury house.
  9. Victoria – This floater might as well enjoy the ride until she’s sent to jury or sitting in the final two because there’s no way she’ll win the $100k unless she’s sitting there with Jocasta (oh wait she was just evicted). Her whole game play has been floating and playing to the wills of the guys of the house.

My Prediction for HOH, Nominations & BOB

I bet the next competition involves balancing balls on a puzzle piece object to win HOH. Or it will be an endurance competition. I’m pretty sure with what happened with last night’s events Nicole will be out for blood and hopefully she’ll come out on top. In a perfect world I would love to see her and Donny win HOH again. But I predict Zach and Frankie winning. With nominations it seems pretty safe to assume Donny and Victoria will go up but the other two will be interesting to choose. I think Nicole will be nominated with Donny and Caleb nominated with Victoria again. However for the BOB competition Nicole & Donny are victorious and Caleb & Victoria remain on the block.

We’ll just have to tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see what happened during the commercial breaks of the double eviction episode, who the HOHs are for the following, which four houseguests are nominated and which HOH is dethroned during BOB. There are six and a half weeks left until the finale, so expect the unexpected!


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