Late-night talk show hosts pay emotional tributes to the legend Robin Williams.

Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Seth Myers. They all dedicated a good part of their shows to the late actor, who committed suicide Monday.

Fallon fought tears while talking about Williams, calling him the “Muhammad Ali of comedy.” O’ Brien called Williams “generous” and remembered the time the actor sent him a bike when O’Brien was feeling down.

Fallon summed it up the best: “O Captain, my captain. you will be missed.”

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The MMA fighter “War Machine” doesn’t just have police to worry about. He now has Dog the Bounty Hunter looking for him.

War Machine allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend, porn performer Christy Mack, leaving her with a broken jaw, nose, and eye socket, as well as missing teeth.

Dog the Bounty Hunter announced on Twitter that he would be “coming after” War Machine, who is wanted by Las Vegas police.

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Audrey Hepburn was quite the catch. And apparently, so is her granddaughter. Twenty-year-old Emma Ferrer is gracing the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Ferrer tells the magazine that sadly, she never got to meet Hepburn, who died in 1993 from abdominal cancer.

Check out Ferrer’s picture and read more of her interview.


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