By Sandra McNeill

ARMADA (WWJ) – It’s like a nightmare from which she can’t wake up.

That’s how April Millsap’s mother describes the past month since the 14-year-old was murdered while walking on the Macomb Orchard Trail in Armada.

“She was here one second, and then just gone,” said Jennifer Millsap. “There was no warning that she was going to leave us.”

April Millsap left home to walk her dog in the early evening of July 24. She never returned. Her body was discovered in a ditch by two passersby who were flagged down by her dog, Penny. Police have no suspects in custody and if they have any strong leads, they haven’t shared them.

Jennifer Millsap said that every day, her mind is filled with questions. Who would do such a thing? And why?

“And ‘why’ is the biggest question,” said Jennifer Millsap. “What did she do so wrong that she had to pay the ultimate price for it?”

She wonders if she should have kept April home that day, or urged her to take the other dog, the one that is more aggressive.

She joked that she wished Penny had been wearing a camera. “I think she knows that something’s wrong, she’s just not sure what yet. I just wonder how much she’s seen and what she really knows.”

Jennifer Millsap still finds it difficult to believe it’s all real. “I have not even gone in her room yet. It’s just kind of hard right now to go in her room.”

She said an arrest would help her find some closure.

“I know it won’t bring it back and is still not going to make it better, but I want to know why and that this person will be locked away and he can’t do it to anybody else.”



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