Derrick is continuing to rule this game and with his win as HOH with Frankie, the Detonators plus Caleb were in power. Meanwhile deciding who goes up with Derrick and Frankie’s Team America member Donny was not an easy feat. The Zankie bromance looks to be back on, while Caleb & Zach my have a crush on Frankie’s sister and the friendship bonded with Christine (a married woman) & Cody seems to be questionable with the houseguests. The final decisions on nominations were drawn from a hate of color-coded candy. For the BOB competition was inside “The Black Box.” These houseguests are lacking major game moves. Here’s my recap of last night’s episode.

Victoria’s Week Off

Apparently according Derrick, Victoria has been on the block plenty of times (four times) that she should get a break. So Derrick assured Victoria that he wouldn’t nominate her as well as Frankie wouldn’t nominate her. However Frankie insinuated that she wouldn’t be nominated yet and so giving the option for her to possibly be nominated. But if Derrick has anything to do with the power of nominations this week, Victoria will FLOAT by this week. Victoria’s game play has been reliant of Derrick’s game play. Seems a bit familiar game move like Dan Ghessling from in Season 14 with Danielle. It’s a great strategy but here’s hoping Victoria will realize she’s in control of her fate, before Derrick or anyone else in the house decides her time is up.

Skittles Rule Nominations?

A meeting of the minds took place in the HOH room deciding who should be nominated up against Donny. Clearly nobody wanted to be sitting next to “The Beard,” and throw the competition. Also it was clear nobody wanted to step up and be nominated on the other side giving different reasons. I think the only person who had no good excuse was Cody because he (as well as Derrick) has so far not been nominated on the block. But Cody being selfish stated that he didn’t deserve to be on the block when Zach could easily be and just take one for the team. The same feels were felt with Caleb, since he had volunteered to be on the block three times for the group and felt he didn’t have to go up. Zach clearly knows his group wants him up also refused. Meanwhile Christine mentions she clearly choose her side of the guys over her best friend in the house Nicole last week seeing her evicted and nominated during her week as HOH. So apparently the only fair and logical way to decide was to put colors of candy in a bag to then see who get’s nominated. By luck or fate, Zach was not chosen and the others who were, Caleb, Christine & Cody had to be on the block. Which to this they were all pissed, but then again they did decide to let a bag of candy decide. So either these houseguests should have had some courage and just volunteer or accept the fact they were chosen. In the end they unwillingly admitted the latter.

Awkward Moment

So Big Brother had a segment with Christine and Cody’s friendship. With the other guys having a chat of how much it’s odd to see the bond from the two. Christine is married and many of the guys questioned whether she was being true to her marriage or taking it a bit too far. In my opinion how was this relevant to her game? The houseguests (all being guys) were concerned by how much this could affect her relationship with her husband than her game. But all assumed she may have gotten permission to do so, while Christine admitted in the DR to viewers she sees Cody as a friend and nothing more. However some fans of the show say other wise. At the end of the day that will be something Christine will be discussing with her husband. As a viewer it continues to blow our minds as well as some of the houseguests, what people will do for money. In my opinion it’s just an awkward moment and segment for Christine and Cody. However I expect to see Christine’s husband segment on Thursday’s episode or at maybe an interview question from Julie to Christine on the matter. Or who knows maybe it will be a “zing” from Zingbot 3000.

Donny Fights For Survival

For Cody’s debut on BOB he was hoping for a win and not a loss. For Christine her mission was the throw the competition without looking suspect and Donny wanted to ensure his safety. The competition was set in a black box, where the houseguests then had to find bone like pieces and place them on their boards. Since it was pitch black and dark this was a perfect scenario for Christine to throw the competition without looking completely obvious. However as Donny slowly collected bones for their puzzle board, realized he was the only one finding them and knew he was alone on this challenge. Meanwhile Cody and Caleb worked together to find the pieces even getting some assistance from Christine. But it wasn’t enough as “The Beard,” not only found five bone pieces but ensured his safety in the house that week along with Christine and dethroning Derrick from the block.

My Prediction for POV

POV will be an interesting match as it leaves Caleb and Cody on the block and Frankie as HOH. The plan of getting Donny out this week is gone and the only other obvious action for the alliance would be to target Victoria. But if Derrick has any say on the nomination it will be Zach that get’s backdoored. Plus at this upcoming POV competition Zingbot 3000 makes his return and it was announce he was getting some help from comedian Kathy Griffin. So here’s hoping this “zings” will be really good and Kathy will be bringing some entertainment to this dull and predictable game. But again for a few weeks now it’s clear that it’s Derrick’s game to lose and unless the house starts to realize it, he’ll be coasting to the finale and getting his $100k+ check.

Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see who wins the POV, whether they use it to save either Caleb or Cody and who the replacement will be. I am anxiously waiting for Zingbot’s return and look forward to the “zings” he’ll bring to the houseguest this year.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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