So the ALSA #icebucketchallenge has official arrived on Big Brother with host Julie Chen being challenge by her husband and CEO & President of CBS Leslie Moonves. But first it was a night most of the houseguests were awaiting for to see Zach, the 23-year-old college graduate from Palm Springs, FL to head out of the Big Brother house. However Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden with the addiction of Zach had the opportunity to head back into the game. Last night’s episode had a lot of twists and turns but one thing was certain, Julie Chen accepted the #icebucketchallenge to raise awareness, donate to fight ALS and got fumed ice water by Will Arnett star of the CBS show The Millers at the end of the show. I look forward to seeing the houseguests who will accept the challenge from Julie. For more information on the #icebucketchallenge head to the ALSA website for more info. But first (again), let’s recap and break down what happened last night!

Zach’s Last Attack

In a very somber mood Zach retreated to the rock room to rest knowing his best friend and showmance partner Frankie had just backdoored him into nominations. However Zach wasn’t going to go down without a fight, yet his fight seemed very lack luster to stay in the game. It was clear the house was set on getting Zach out of the house, while Cody was to sail by his first nomination. Zach brought up many good points to Frankie, Caleb and Donny hoping to sway houseguests into keeping him safe. Donny even went and campaigned for Zach to Christine to get him a vote. Alas it was another dull and expected unanimous decision to send Zach to the jury house and with a very bold exit it was great to see Zach leaving with his head held high. For the other houseguests it was “See ya never,” bidding adieu to Zach, but it may not have been his last chance at the half million-dollar prize.

During his interview with Julie, Zach was honest and reflective of his time in the Big Brother house. Clearly there isn’t a friendship with Victoria and we saw more of Victoria this week I think then all her weeks in the house. So it’s looking like Victoria the Scape Goat Floater this season will be coasting along. But first, Zach was just happy to have even gotten a key to play Big Brother, which in turn shows that even though he may have had a bully persona, he actually be a good guy. Julie seemed very tongue tied during Zach’s eviction as well as the interview, which showed how much of a character Zach was in the house, but also good to see the “Chenbot” be less robotic and be more livelier. Concluding Zach’s interview Julie broke the news to Zach to get his head back in the game because he along with the other jury member’s had an opportunity to get back in the game!

The Jury Members Competition

We finally got our first look at the jury house and it seemed very nice. For Jocasta and Hayden they were having a good time. Then we see Nicole entering the jury house and it was a bittersweet reunion for Haycole. We’re then given a very cheesy reality tv clip of the showmance Haycole in the jury house. Proving possibly that the showmance may be more of a romance, since the two lovebirds had some time apart from each other.

While the houseguests currently in the house were waiting to head to the back yard Julie then informs the houseguests to take a seat back into the living room and gave them a surprise announcement. The Big Brother doorbell rang and entered the evicted houseguests returning to the house to compete in a Juror competition. The competition was simple but didn’t give any of the jurors an advantage of the other. Jocasta took the lead while Hayden and Zach trailed behind. However slow and steady our Michigander from Ubly, MI Nicole had her puck closest to the center over Jocasta in a tie to win her spot back in the game! Now hopefully our Michigander will fight and win HOH this upcoming week and cause some drama in the house. But with the majority of the house being male dominated, Nicole has her work cut out. Kind of ironic that Zach who nominated her for eviction was now evicted himself and now Nicole is back in the game while Zach is out.

My Ranking Of The Houseguests

  1. Derrick – Still controlling this game and I’d really like to see him get nervous for once, other than probably finale night.
  2. Caleb – Frankie saved him with the veto. Caleb continues to prove his social and physical game are the one to beat. Though he may be a bit delusional with thinking the bomb squad is still intact when members of that alliance have fallen and to his unknowing other alliance have formed since then.
  3. Frankie – Though he won this week, sent his showmance Zach out, he may be in danger next week. Will his social game save himself? We’ll just have to wait and see.
  4. Donny – The Beard is a boss at these competitions, winning them when he needs to and he’ll need to win next week or at least POV to guarantee his safety for the week!
  5. Nicole – She won her way back into the competition but there are some guys she’ll need to eliminate for this Michigander to win the game. I think her week out of the house she was able to compose herself and hopefully not get manipulated by the guys this week. Or she can just keep her bags packed and expect to get evicted this next week.
  6. Cody – He was nominated for eviction and escaped it very easily with little campaigning. Clearly he didn’t need to since he has a strong alliance with Derrick as well as kept his mouth shut unlike Zach. But haven’t seen Cody do anything for his game to show he’s playing other than playing for second place behind Derrick.
  7. Christine – Now with her “best friend” back in the game, Christine needs to do some damage control and befriend Nicole back to her good graces. The only female in the male dominated alliance may see herself getting put up this next week if she doesn’t win HOH.
  8. Victoria – I don’t think Victoria knows she’s playing a game, I think Victoria is just enjoying a summer of floating in a pool of houseguests actually playing the game. The Scape Goat Floater is sailing her way to finale night.

My Prediction for HOH & Nominations

I really hope that Nicole or Donny win this week. However with the majority of the house still being the Detonators or in Caleb’s eyes the Bomb Squad, it’s most likely that one of them will win again. I think it will be Cody’s time to come from the shadows of Derrick to finally step his game up because we really haven’t seen Cody do much other than do the actions of what Derrick and his alliance wanted with Brittany getting voted out during his HOH earlier this summer. So if he were to become HOH, his safe choices are Victoria and Nicole, but hopefully a backdoor plan to get out Caleb because the numbers are starting to dwindle and it’s time to take out targets affecting his chances at winning. If Cody was really smart he’d put up Frankie & Derrick but that seems very unlikely. So again I would say Victoria and Nicole are on the block with the plan to backdoor Donny and I hope this doesn’t come correct but with Derrick being a puppet master using his undercover cop skills to manipulate these houseguests this week upcoming week will be boring.

Tune in Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 and see who will win the second SOLO HOH competition this year! I look forward in hearing what the other houseguests are thinking and saying about a jury member’s return, and then finding out it was Nicole who has returned in the game. We’ll also see whom the HOH nominates for eviction. We are almost a month away from the finale with a lot more gameplay to be done!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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