By: Evan Jankens

Mike Valenti, co-host of the Valenti and Foster show, decided to put together a 97.1 The Ticket fantasy football league.

Mike’s league is an auction league that will cost each participant $200. The loser of the league will have to stand on the side of the road wearing a sign stating how bad they are at fantasy football and also have promos run on the station stating how awful they are.

Valenti wasn’t convinced the hosts he wanted to invite would take part in the league so he had to do some trickery. He called the hosts on-air, told them he needed their opinion on the worst fantasy football to then berated them into joining the league.

Here is Mike’s call to Stoney:

Mike calls Dan Leach:

Mike calls Wojo:

Mike calls Jeff Riger:

Mike calls Jamie Samulesen:

Mike calls Gator:

Mike calls Doug Karsch:


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