By Edward Cardenas

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Brian Hiss is traveling the country in classic VW van talking to technology companies, and consumers, about finding a balance between being connected online and living in the moment.

Hiss is driving 10,000 miles across the country in a 1977 VW bus visiting 20 cities as part of the Experience People digital enlightenment movement.

“Technology should aid your experience, not be the experience,” said Hiss, who is a successful tech entrepreneur and creator of Experience People.

He stated that Americans spend 40 minutes a day on Facebook , and nine hours daily on digital media.

If users of digital media cut that in half, they could save over 200 hours a year, he stated.

“Take that 200 hours and start planning your own adventure instead of living vicariously through all your friends,” he stated.

If people want to unplug, some of Hiss’ recommendations include:

  • Turn off phone notifications to not be interrupted during the day,
  • Turn off email,
  • Instead of using the camera phone, bring a digital SLR camera to capture the moment.

Hiss added that many of the businesses have been receptive to his message because, “having a connected workforce, but having a productive workforce which is about a work-life balance.”

As he has traveled the country in a vintage van, he has found the “joy is meeting new people.” But the “pain” has been working on the air-cooled engine which has provided a few break-downs along the way.


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