By: Evan Jankens

Lacrosse is a sport that doesn’t exactly get the exposure that it should.

Think about how crazy the game is: They barely wear any pads and the dudes are as ruthless as can be.

Over this past weekend, while most eyes were on the Western Michigan and Central Michigan football game, the Broncos also had a lacrosse match against Dayton.

According to the Western Michigan lacrosse Instagram account, the game had an interesting ending. The game was called due to lightning. To determine the winner, the teams decided to play a ‘best of three’ with rock, paper, scissors.

You have to admit this is a pretty great way to determine who won the game. Think about if the MLB All-Star game from 2002 was finished with a game of RPS instead of just ending in a tie. Or what if what some call the greatest college football game of all-time, the one between Michigan State and Notre Dame in 1966, was determined by RPS? This could be the trend of something great happening in sports.


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