YPSILANTI (AP) – Dozens of Eastern Michigan University students, faculty and staff members marched in silence in response to racist graffiti found last month on campus.

Student Desmine Robinson organized Thursday’s protest at the Ypsilanti school and told The Ann Arbor News: “We want to kill racism and I know we can’t chase that feeling out of everyone, but if we can change the mind of even one person, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

The Detroit Free Press reports the march was accompanied by music playing from a loudspeaker.

Participants posed Thursday with posters containing positive messages at Julia Anne King Hall, where graffiti included the letters “KKK” and a racial epithet. Another racial slur was found in a Wise Hall stairwell. Both have been removed.

Police are investigating.

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  1. dannyboy says:

    My bet is these “Protestors” wrote that graffitti themselves, just so they could have something to me outraged about, and make demands over.

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