DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) – A Detroit-area march and rally by Shiite Muslims included condemnation of extremist groups.

Thousands marched Sunday in Dearborn from Fordson High School to Ford Woods Park reports The Detroit Free Press. The march was for Ashura, in which many Shiite Muslims commemorate the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.

Many waved large flags and carried tributes. Thirty-three-year-old Hussein Berro carried a banner with Imam Hussain’s image, saying: “He stood up for justice, he stood up against oppression, he stood up for the weak ones, to refuse tyranny and to spread peace and justice.”

Participants and speakers said the message resonates in battles against modern-day tyrants and terrorists.

Some signs Sunday read: “Muslims Against Terror,” “Live Free or Die with Dignity” and “In Solidarity With the Victims of Police Brutality.”


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  1. Lindy says:

    You want to see the reality of the Muslim world in Dearborn? The intimidation tactics they use, the defiance against those who do not believe in Allah. Just go to Youtube and look for Muslims in Dearborn. There are a wide variety of eye opening videos into the real world of those who practice Islam.

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