By George Fox

I know I’m a bad person for laughing at this, but being a parent is hard. You have to have a few laughs at your kid’s expense every now and then, because it’s good for your mental health.

The Daily Mail originally reported on this boy in a shopping cart freaked out by a department store Halloween display. Jackson Johnson from Pontiac, Mich. is not a fan of this ghastly crypt-keeper-type animated character looming over him as he hides his face and whimpers. When he picks his head up to take a pathetic glimpse of the creature his mom Ashley can’t hold back the chuckles heard in the video.

Hopefully little Jackson got a cookie to calm his nerves or this is a parenting fail. Poor baby.

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With the epidemic of creepy clowns scaring the bejesus out of everyone, this year is shaping up to be extra horrifying.


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