Today on The Snack Attack, we’re tantalizing your anime taste buds with fun and fruity Yo-Kai Watch Gummies.

So, what exactly is Yo-Kai Watch? It’s a cartoon that chronicles the life of a young boy, Nate, and his adventures with the invisible and mischievous Yo-kai who he is only able to communicate with through a special device, the Yo-kai Watch. Once Nate befriends a Yo-kai, they give him a Yo-kai Medal that he can use to summon them when he needs help. Together, they join forces to battle evil while navigating the fun everyday mishaps of being a kid.

These gummies were specially designed to resemble Yo-kai characters from the show. They’re sold in original and sour varieties, with four flavors in each package.

When a representative reached out and asked if I wanted to try these, it was the first time I had even heard of Yo-Kai Watch. So, I had to watch the show before putting together my review — and I’m glad I did because the cartoon is actually really cute and even had me laughing. Every episode ends with a little dance so you can get up and shake your rump, too. You can catch the show on Netflix or on Disney XD.

The best way to eat these Yo-Kai Gummies is in front of the TV as you’re watching the show. It’s fun and yummy!

Yo-Kai Watch Original Gummies

Yo-Kai Watch Original Gummies (Crediit:

Yo-Kai Watch Original Gummies (Crediit:

First, these gummies are kind of big. They’re not the kind you can just pop in your mouth in one bite, at least in my opinion. But I guess if they were any smaller, you wouldn’t get all the detail in each piece. The texture is perfection! It has just the right amount of gumminess without being super chewy and sticky, so it won’t stick to your teeth.

Cherry — This gummy is shaped like Robonyan — “A robot that resembles Jibanyan but his knowledge, physical power and all other abilities are greater than Jibanyan’s. Stiff movements aside, the resemblance is uncanny.” Just from the smell, I thought this was going to have that noticeable artificial cherry flavor that kind of tastes like medicine — but I was wrong. It has a sweet flavor that definitely tastes like cherries. I just wish the flavoring was a little stronger.

Strawberry — This gummy is shaped like Jibanyan — “After being run over by a truck, he inspirits an intersection and seeks to get his revenge on passing trucks.” Compared to the cherry flavor, the strawberry flavoring in this gummy is really strong. Honestly, and maybe it’s just me, but this flavor tastes exactly like strawberry Jello. I usually always choose cherry over strawberry when it comes to flavors — but not here. Strawberry is the winner when it comes to the red fruit flavors.

Apple — This gummy is shaped like Komasan — “A guardian lion-dog that got bored with guarding his shrine. Now he’s looking for a new one.” Did I just bite into a gummy granny smith apple? Because it tastes JUST like it. I may or may not have picked all the green gummies out of the bag and ate them first.

Blue Raspberry — This gummy is shaped like Whisper — “This self-proclaimed ‘Yo-kai butler’ knows everything there is to know about Yo-kai, or that’s what he’d like you to think. Most of the knowledge he has comes from the Yo-kai Pad he carries.” I usually avoid blue raspberry flavored things because I’m not too fond of the flavor — hey, just being honest — but I actually really liked these. The flavor is really tart and doesn’t have that fake taste at all. Behind the apple flavor, these are the second best.

Yo-Kai Watch Sour Gummies

Yo-Kai Watch Sour Gummies (Crediit:

Yo-Kai Watch Sour Gummies (Crediit:

These gummies are slightly smaller than the original flavors, so they’re easier to eat in one bite. The texture isn’t as gummy as the original, either. But they are covered in big sugar crystals, which adds some sweetness to the sour. Unlike the original gummies, which feature the character’s entire body, these sour gummies just feature the shapes of their heads.

Sour Watermelon — This gummy is shaped like Komajiro — “Komasan’s younger twin. he looks for his runaway bro. But he can’t find him anywhere, poor guy.” Ooh, this thing is sour! After the sugar crystals melt away, you can taste the flavor, which I have to say doesn’t really taste like actual watermelon at all. But let’s be real, how many watermelon-flavored things actually taste like the fruit? I’m going to go with zero. That being said, these still do have that yummy artificial flavor that we’ve come to love and know as “watermelon.”

Sour Strawberry — This gummy is shaped like Jibanyan.  Here’s the best way to describe this flavor: You know how when you make strawberry shortcake, and you cut all the berries and cover them with sugar and then let them sit in the fridge, and they make a super sweet and tart juice? This gummy tastes JUST like that sour juice. And it’s delicious!

Sour Apple — This gummy is shaped like Komasan. Out of the four flavors, I think this gummy is the least sour flavor. It still has the yummy apple flavor I enjoyed from the original variety, but was lacking in overall sourness.

Sour Blue Raspberry — This gummy is shaped like Shogunyan — “Jibanyan turned into a legendary warrior. He just loves skipjack tuna and carries it around in his armor. I’m happy to report that this flavor tastes nothing like skipjack tuna. Phew! But unlike the blue raspberry flavor that was in the original mix, this sour version tastes like the artificial blue raspberry I’m always trying to avoid. It almost tastes like fake cotton candy, if you know what I mean. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not very good compared to the other three sour flavors.

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