DETROIT (WWJ) – In what is expected to be his last appearance in the state as Vice President, Joe Biden spending time Tuesday in Detroit.

At the Detroit School of Digital Technology Biden bringing the 60 people at the Motor City Match program to their feet, while highlighting the comeback of the city and the importance of the auto industry.

Paul Haskin on hand as one of the entrepreneurs who received grant money to start his Eastern Market brewing company.

“Hopefully, everyone in Michigan will find out about us because right now most people in Michigan already know about Eastern Market, so when they come to Eastern Market they’ll visit the brewery,” said Haskin.

The Motor City Match program gave out $600,000 in grants.

Biden said he’d be back to buy a new Corvette — perhaps in addition to his beloved 1967 Corvette that he had a chance to drive with Secret Service permission back in the fall.

According to reports Biden has only been allowed to drive a few times since taking office. He’s made no secret that he’s looking forward to some of the freedoms allowed for live outside of office.

Perhaps to get an early look at the latest Corvette models — Biden made a stop at the Detroit Auto Show as well.

Biden saying one of the proudest accomplishments during the last eight years has been the resurgence of the auto industry – due in large part, he says, to auto workers giving back to bring the auto industry back from the brink.

“I have never, ever believed this malarkey about how the American auto worker was not productive, they are the single-most productive workers in the world. That is not hyperbole, that is a fact,” said Biden.

Biden heads to Chicago for the President’s Farewell Address later in the evening.


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