By: Evan Jankens

I like to consider myself a little bit of a burger snob.

Anywhere I go out to eat I love to try the best burgers, but I only have one demand: It must be cooked correctly.

Which now brings me to one burger I will never get to try.

According to there is now a burger in Dubai that will cost you roughly $300.

Dubbed ‘The Burgerstack’, this baby fetched the not-insubstantial sum of Dhs36,700 which equates to around $10,000 or £8,000.

This burger looks absolutely insane. Who the heck would pay that amount for a hamburger?

This blockbusting Burgerstack comes complete with seven Al Jassiri with aged cheddar and veal bacon in a saffron brioche burger bun with seven spices and Harrisa burger sauce. Oh and it comes with a massive milkshake, just in case that giant burger and chips wasn’t enough.

What I am most intrigued by is how does one eat this? I think you would have to take it apart and eat each patty individually. If sliders were made available and able to get it for maybe $200 I would order it for sure. You have to try everything at least once right?


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