By: Evan Jankens

Monday afternoon I wrote about how I think the one piece bathing suit for women is the new hot thing for the summer of ’17.

When I wrote that, I painted with a very broad brush and said I thought any of those high-cut one piece suits were a great look. Now I stand corrected.

A company named Beloved Shirts created a bathing suit that might turn men off. Well, depending on the fetish, I guess it could turn some men on. It makes the woman look as if her body was covered in manly chest and back hair.

The first time they posted photos of the swimsuit on their Instagram account the caption said, “make them say WTF.”

Make 'em say WTF 🌎FREE US shipping 👌🏻Link in bio

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Tag someone who NEEDS this suit – we dare ya 👙 Link in bio

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If I saw someone wearing this suit, I would know that they have a great sense of humor and really do not care what I think anyway so that is a huge plus. But is it sexy? No.

According to

The $44 (£35) costume, designed by Beloved Shirts, is available in different skin tones and has been shown off to the company’s 105,000 Instagram followers.

The reaction on social media was mostly positive and most people said they “needed” this item. Would you want your significant other to wear this? Would you walk away if you saw someone wearing this?


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