Another Round With Wojo, NBA's GOAT, Will Burchfield, Bob Wojnowski, Evan Jankens, Wojo podcast

(97.1 The Ticket) Sixteen dudes, your mom and two sisters and your best friend, all together in a vacation house for the weekend … What happens next? It’s ugly.

“You were in the house at the same time?” 97.1 The Ticket’s Bob Wojnowski asks incredulously. Yes, he was.

That’s a story from the wormhole in this week’s “Another Round With Wojo” podcast with the illustrious 97.1 The Ticket host Wojo and his podcast sidekicks Evan Jankens and Will Burchfield.

Are getaways better with the boys or women?¬†And why won’t Wojo let go of the Lebron vs Jordan debate? “Why is it so important for millennials to carry LeBron’s water?” Wojo asked. He thinks it’s because millennials only care about things that are happening right now.

And then Wojo’s preferred after school snack somehow worms its way in and that becomes an indoor football league debate. You never know what’s about to happen on “Another Round With Wojo. Just hang on and enjoy the ride.







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