DETROIT (WWJ) – Another civil lawsuit has been filed against prominent Detroit area person injury attorney Mike Morse; this time for legal malpractice.

The suit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court by Attorney Michael Schwartz, is the first of several filed in recent weeks against Morse not to involve Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, or allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to the complaint, Fatme Amine — who was seriously injured in a car accident in Dearborn Heights in 2014 was deprived a great deal of money in under-insured bodily injury benefits from her insurance company because Morse and his firm, which she’d hired to represent her in her personal injury case, neglected to look at her insurance policy.

[View copy of the complaint]

“All Morse had to do was to read his client’s insurance policy, which she had given to him, to know what
she was entitled to receive. Apparently, Morse and his firm did not bother to do that basic task. As
a result, Ms. Amine has suffered a loss of $80,000 which could have, and should have, been

Schwartz says Morse settled Amine’s case for $20,000. The suit seeks $25,000 in damages for the alleged negligence of the firm and for Morse’s alleged negligence in failing to properly supervise his legal staff.

Morse has thus far categorically denied any wrongdoing in connection with any of what he called “baseless lawsuits” filed against him, asserting that Fieger is a competitor out to ruin his reputation.

Morse did not immediately comment on this latest case. He has not been charged with any crime.

Comments (2)
  1. Bob Koch says:

    It’s getting ugly in lawyer land. Fieger is getting free advertising as well getting rid of the competition. Schwartz is joining the bandwagon and of course Fieger had nothing to do with this one. Great to see actually, maybe we won’t have to watch as many of those ambulance chaser ads, at least for a little while.

    1. Fatme Amine says:

      This article is not fully accurate. Believe me, Fieger had no involvement in my case. Zero!

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