Kardahians, Bakery, Mannequin, Taylor

TAYLOR (WWJ) – In Taylor, city hall is “keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Not Kim, Khloe and Kourtney — in this case, it’s Sandra, Hratch, a mannequin named Claudia. The family owns Kardashian Bakery and Grill on Allen Road, and they are in a battle with the city over a sign ordinance.

According to The News-Herald, city hall has told the Kardashians that the leggy mannequin with blond hair and a red dress is a form of outside signage — and has to go inside.

The mannequin has reportedly been outside the Armenian bakery since it opened in March.

The family says “Claudia’s” absence has led to a drop in business. However, Taylor officials say they’re cracking down on ordinances city-wide.

A post — titled “Businesses should take heed of signage ordinances” — was released last week on the city’s website with tips for local businesses on the signage ordinances.

“The intent of City ordinance surrounding signage is to set up regulations and standards intended to be the minimum amount necessary to achieve public safety, aesthetics and protection of property values,” the post read. “Business signage, under the law, is meant to identify the location – not to advertise or distract. Signage can become a safety issue, blocking the view of the right-of-way, sidewalks and becoming distracting to motorists.”

Click here for more information on the sign ordinance.


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