Another Round With Wojo: Fulmer Trade Rumors, Calvin Johnson, Wojo podcast

(97.1 The Ticket) Bob “Wojo” Wojnowski’s attempt to come up with insightful, deep and thoughtful sports topics finally succeeds this week in his podcast with Evan Jankens and Will Burchfield.

Well, it succeeds briefly when they weigh in on Michael Fulmer trade rumors, which Wojo calls “insane,” and Calvin Johnson opening up in Italy about his frustration with the Lions.

“Is this a revelation?” Wojo asked, arguing the Calvin situation was well known.

They also discuss the Tigers’ prospects.

“The argument is you guys don’t have anyone to build around,” Wojo says. “And when have the Tigers developed a prospect that they haven’t dealt?” Jankens argued.

“Do you know how rare he (Fulmer) is?” Wojo asked, highlighting Fulmer stats that surpass Justin Verlander’s. The entire league knows the Tigers are handcuffed, Burchfield argued, saying everyone knows Al Avila has to cut payroll.

So that was sports. But then the wormhole calls, and an anonymous 97.1 The Ticket staffer, hypothetically a salesman, comes on to discuss the possibility that anyone’s adult daughter is a virgin. And whether Burchfield should date his daughter.

“Is this supposed to be about sports?” the sales guy asks.


But really, is it ever OK to wear your high school lacrosse jacket at 25 years old? And should one ever remove one’s shirt during a business meeting?




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