By: Evan Jankens

The couple that plays together, stays together. At least that must be what Matthew Stafford and his cheerleader wife Kelly B. Stafford believe.

Water sports aren’t exactly something I’m a huge fan of doing, but I do love watching others wipe out while attempting to do so.

Matthew Stafford and his beautiful wife Kelly attempted to do a 360 while on a wakeboard.

Kelly posted an Instagram video of the duo trying the 360 and it didn’t end well for Kelly.

If you click the right arrow on the video you will be able to see Matthew do the 360 and thankfully he didn’t fall.

For whatever reason watching the Lions franchise QB wakeboard really makes me nervous. Maybe he knows what he is doing, but he is in line for a massive contract and if it were me I would stay in the house to avoid injury. Stafford isn’t me and appears to know way more about wakeboarding then I could ever imagine.

Regardless of me be scared, Stafford looks like a pro!


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