Foreign Workers And Visa Fraud In Detroit Factories Featured In News Series

(CBS 62) Foreign labor, illegal immigration and manufacturing losses in Rust Belt cities like Detroit are hot topic issues that some would say ushered a new president into the White House.

A news series premiering on CBS 62 Monday night called CBSN: ON ASSIGNMENT is diving deep by traveling to Detroit where Vladimir Duthiers and the CBS News team investigate how foreign contractors are committing visa fraud to expand auto plants across the country.

CBS News spent five months reporting in Europe and in the United States to see how foreign workers find jobs here and what it means for American labor.

Also featured in the premier episode is a  revealing look into how ISIS leaders turned a generation of kids into potential killers, and how Japan is using robots to repopulate. 

Overall, CBSN: ON ASSIGNMENT is a new primetime summer series featuring experiential reports driven by fresh voices and perspectives from around the world. Each hour-long edition of the series will feature multiple stories and highlight CBSN’s distinctive storytelling style, as reported by more than a dozen CBS News correspondents.

“The series will showcase stories that will bring viewers inside some of the most complex and important issues facing our country and the globe,” said Executive Producer Mosheh Oinounou. “Our goal is to bring unique voices and perspectives and a kind of immersive storytelling and production style not typically seen on network television.” 

In the debut broadcast, Charlie D’Agata reports from Mosul, Iraq where ISIS leaders have indoctrinated a generation of children into potential killers. From Japan, Adam Yamaguchi visits an abandoned school, closed because there aren’t enough children to keep it open, and he gets an up-close look the realistic looking – and acting – robots that some Japanese are now taking on as friends and roommates.  

“There is a real audience appetite for smart, immersive journalism,” said Nancy Lane, Senior Executive Producer for CBS News Digital. “This is another opportunity for audiences to experience the dynamic storytelling that CBSN offers in addition to its daily news coverage.”


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