As a former fashion model, Melania Trump certainly knows how to dress — but maybe not quite for this occasion.

Photos and video snapped of the First Lady beside President Donald Trump Monday evening showed the couple clad in khaki and black as they departed for Texas to survey relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. [Read more].

While all may agree it’s great that they’re going, the Internet on Tuesday seemed have much more to say about the First Lady’s attire — particularly her spiky 5-inch stiletto heels — as Twitter flooded with jokes.

Here are just a few:

To be fair, reports out later Tuesday stated she’d changed on the plane into sensible sneakers. Good call.

Melania Trump’s office, in a statement released to CNN, chided reporters for being “worried about her shoes” during an “active and ongoing natural disaster.”

  1. Here we go with the “FAKE NEWS”!!!!!! She had on sneakers when she got off the plane!!!! You knew most idiots wouldn’t read the “whole” report to find out it was “FAKE NEWS”!!!

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