DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit man convicted of murder when he was just 12 years old is set to be released on Monday.

Convicted of felony murder DeMarco Harris was given a blended sentence — which means that he was sentenced as a juvenile but the sentence could be reviewed when he reached the age of 21, reports WWJ’s Jon Hewett.

In 2009, the pre-teen Harris shot at  24-year-old Trisha Babcock of Davison point-blank as she sat in a parked car in Detroit.

On Friday, juvenile court Judge Virgil Smith determined that Harris had served his time and would be set free at the age of 21.

Under Michigan law — Harris will not be subject to adult probation upon his release.

Harris could have been sentenced as an adult — which would have meant life in prison without parole — or it could be determined, as it was today, that he has served his time.

“Don’t nobody condone killing, you know — that’s just, but it happened, nobody can take it back. It is what it is. But, thank God, he’s coming home,” said Gerika McNeill, a Harris family member.

Family of the victim, on hand, “he killed an innocent person,” said Babcock’s great Aunt.”Out of, whatever reason he was doing this – and I don’t know why he did it, I really don’t care. Except he took a life and I think he should be in prison longer than he has.’

Asked if she believes Harris could have reformed — she said, “it’s hard telling. It is what it is.”


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