Housing Bureau For Seniors Offers Solutions

Anne Osmer Reporting The Housing Bureau for Seniors in Ann Arbor offers help to seniors in Washtenaw County seeking answers to housing questions.  Started 25 years ago by the University of Michigan Health System, the […]


Crain's Top 5: Elder Care

Crain’s Top 5 Courtesy of Crain’s Detroit Business 2007 Book of Lists


Making Your Home Accessible

Nancy Nall Reporting It would be nice if we could all live in one-floor ranch houses with wide doorways, low thresholds and kitchen counters we could reach from a wheelchair. But we can’t, and so […]


American House and Nonprofits Working Together for Seniors

Anne Osmer Reporting Rick De Bruyne first met Winifred Young when she signed up at a local senior center for help with fall yard clean-up.  Seventy-five and living in Canton with her ailing husband, Peter, […]


Innovative Food Service Options Featured at Local Long-Term Care Facilities

Anne Osmer Reporting When you think of dining options at a nursing home or long-term care facility, what comes to mind?  Barring very high-end facilities with the high-end price tags that go along with them, […]


Healthcare Center Looks to Residents to Help Guide Facility

Anne Osmer Reporting The moment I walk in St. Anthony Healthcare Center in Warren, I sense a good vibe.  I’m here to interview administrator Teri Clark, and she greets me warmly in the hotel-like lobby […]


What to Look for in a Long Term Care Facility

Anne Osmer Reporting Teri Clark, administrator at St. Anthony Health Care Facility in Warren, provides some tips when it comes to choosing a long term care facility


An Introduction to Senior Housing Options

Anne Osmer Reporting Unless you and your parent have planned ahead, finding housing for an aging parent can be daunting, especially if you’re thrown into a decision-making situation unexpectedly: Mom has a bad fall and […]


Getting Started: Housing

Nancy Nall Reporting  We can take the best possible care of ourselves, but no one lives forever, and we need to be prepared for the inevitable declines of age, as well as informed on what benefits […]


Home Health Care: An Option for You?

Anne Osmer Reporting Sally Johnson was in a bind.  Her mother was in the hospital for a bad fall that resulted in a broken hip.  The hospital was ready to discharge her, and Sally was […]



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