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Random Mid-Week Thoughts

1. The NFL is going to be in a lockout next fall, and you can bank on it now. The players despise Commissioner Roger Goodell already, and now the league is ready to throw the […]



Let Me Explain Something

It’s football season and yet again I feel the need to explain a few things to the degenerates who text, the losers who email, and the guy who “just doesn’t get it.” “Why is Valenti like […]


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Matt Dery With Charlie Villanueva

Matt Dery caught up Charlie Villanueva at the Detroit Pistons media day, find out what Charlie V had to say!


Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks

Matt Dery With Pistons Coach John Kuester

Matt Dery caught up with the Detroit Pistons John Kuester to talk about the upcoming 2010-2011 NBA season.


Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat

Matt Dery With Tayshaun Prince At Media Day

Matt Dery had a chance to talk with Tayshaun Prince at the Pistons media day.



Josh And His Mustache

97.1 The Ticket–09/24/2010

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5 Seconds

A lot of thoughts can run through ones mind in that short span of time. To the best of my memory here is how Saturday night went snap to catch.


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I Am Now NFL-Free

I have been turned off by the NFL for a long time. Yesterday, I watched my last game.


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When Bad Ideas Get Worse

I was asked to comment on the upcoming farce known as “Spartans in the D” and frankly nothing positive comes to mind. It is a flawed idea, in a flawed city, with flawed marketing. Simple […]

97.1 The Ticket–08/24/2010