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Best decision made!

We needed help with our relationship and found Jeanine Mele. She is fantastic! Her methods and skills have lead us to better not only our relationship but ourselves too. I'm glad we found her! She gets to the point and works with moving forward.
June 03, 2009

Satified for sure!

I got a set of dentures from here in '06. Perfect fit!! Not a problem to date. Only paid $345 then for them. After an ill fitting $1700 pair elsewhere previously.. I wish they could have been a tad bit smaller though, no biggy. If I even get new ones I will request such.
June 03, 2009


I went there to eat a whopper, while on the road as a salesman, even though I usually avoid fast food places. Having had a tasty burger once on La Brea in Hollywood I decided to stop at this one on Canoga avenue, in Woodland Hills, on my way back from visiting some client. My mind was quite busy with all sorts of things and I did not realize that I left my wallet on the counter. I ate my food, then bought a coffee and paid for it, (that's when I forgot the wallet), then went to my truck and headed back home. It is only after I entered my home that I noticed that I did not have my wallet. I called expecting the worse, like no one returned it, but the woman that answered the phone said that she had it and was holding it for me. I quickly drove back and she handed it back to me and there was nothing missing. Kudos to these people for being so honest, especially the woman which I thanked but in my excitement forgot to ask her name. You know who you are and again I want to thank you. P.S. I need to add that the phone number listed here is incorrect as it got me only either complete silence on the line or a fax modem as I frantically made 5 - 6 calls trying to contact the location. The true number is 932-9158 Pierre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.
June 03, 2009

For Quick Quality Service, Best I've Received!

After someone rear ended me, I was flustered about having to go get estimates and dreading how long my car would be in the shop for. After talking to Chris, the owner of Northeast Collision, I felt assured that he would do a good job based on his prior experience and extensive knowledge. I own a Volkswagen Beetle and I've already had to pay a $92 bill because someone did not know how to change my car's oil or filters properly. I chose Northeast Collision to fix my car, and within 3 days the job was done! Chris even showed me pictures of my car's wheels being taken off because the damage was that expansive. I am happy with the result of my new bumper. They blended the paint perfectly, it made me happy that I got in my accident. Before I picked my car up they had just washed it. I've heard horror stories about cars staying in the shop for over 2 months, dealing with insurance companies and waiting for parts. Northeast Collision was professional and extremely speedy. 3 days!!! It doesn't get better than that. They also provided a guarantee that if I found anything wrong with my car they would be happy to fix it. So far, everything has been running smoothly and I am overall very happy :)
June 03, 2009

The Best I Have Ever Seen

Not much to type here. These guys, only two of them, will show you how easy buying a car should be. Don't take my word for it just look at the website, and see pictures of customers. It was an amazing experience. I saved $2800 on a Tahoe.
June 03, 2009

Quick Service

Very helpful movers Thanks
June 03, 2009

buyer of sod

I couldn't ask for better service and product.
June 03, 2009

Superb diagnostician!

Dr. Mark Botwin provided my husband and me with the most thorough, professional, and accurate exams we've ever had. Neither of us is young, and we had both been to many different optometrists and opthalmologists over the years, and both of us have "eye issues." He patiently worked with us on our problems, our eyeglass preferences, and how to cope with aging eyes. He gave me invaluable advice regarding bifocals and bifocal contact lenses. A few years ago we moved out of state, and I was very unhappy with the two optometrists I tried near our new home. Their offices were fancy, and their fees high, but they certainly didn't have the state-of-the-art equipment or knowledge Dr. Botwin has! My husband flatly refuses to see anyone other than Dr. Botwin, and we now schedule vacations visits to Santa Fe that include eye exams with him.
June 03, 2009

can give you what you need.

they are good people who care about there customers. He help me find a car I could afored, and he sold a van and car to my brother 2 yaers ago which still run to this day. they may have been used cars but,they are good cars. Thank you, J.N.B.
June 03, 2009

The owner is a crook

took my boat he told me it was hydro locking took my boat to another shop found that my drive was blown up after spending 1600 dollars with Kevin Price he would not return my money he does not know what he is doing and should not be recommended to go to
June 03, 2009
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