• Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds 6-20-18
  1. Monse says:

    Also, did you notice how good Detroit is at dinwrag charges?I watched them against Cleveland and it seemed like they drew a ton of charges. Same thing against Miami. I think some of them might be flops, but they sure manage to convince the referees that they are charges.

  2. Charls says:

    W.EIf you want to put words in order for my argument to fit ntleay into your ideological predispositions, go ahead but you won’t be adding anything to the discussion. The “rust belt” is not an abstract concept but a reality that has led to extensive study for urban economists like Ed Glaeser. While Detroit may be one of the starkest examples of urban decline, it is hardly alone. Arguing that one political party is to blame for the economic decline of one city ignores the fact that similar declines have happened in other cities, cities with a more diverse voting record. Where is this mountain of evidence that links all of Detroit’s decline with one political party? Does this mean you honestly believe that if a different political party had been in charge in Detroit over the past 50 years that the city wouldn’t have experienced decline? If that is the case, then I feel vindicated in labeling your initial comments naefve. While it may be comforting to cling to your partisan ideology to explain the world around you, it often times will lead you to ignore any facts that conflict with that ideology.

  3. Choco says:

    Those idiots in Detroit husold have figured out a long time agao the best industries to get into are defense and agriculture–constant protection and watering of federal dollars. What were they thinking?

  4. Daina says:

    Wow, total lack of confidence in your team much? we held the nuembr one spot in our division all last season when we were picked to be in last place so we didn’t make the playoffs someone’s got to see the good in some of these trades. I hate to see all these players go too mostly Granderson, but what can you do but wait and see what the 2010 season holds for them.

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