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Chuck Breidenstein and Ken Calverley co-hosts of Inside Outside

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The Inside Outside Guys are Chuck Breidenstein and Ken Calverley. Both experts in their fields, Chuck and Ken provide housing and home improvement information you can trust, in an entertaining, humorous way on their weekend radio broadcast on Talk Radio 1270. Chuck and Ken started their radio show to give homeowners who felt lost help with their housing needs.

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In addition to helping homeowners, the Guys have partnered with a number of businesses and contractors who have demonstrated knowledge, work ethic and commitment to excellence. It is part of the Guys’ mission to strive to help these businesses get bigger and better with honesty, integrity and hard work.

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Ken Calverley

Ken Calverley: Co-Host Of Inside Outside Guys

Ken Calverley, AKA “The Outside Guy” has spent his entire professional career in the housing industry and has earned multiple certifications and licenses.


Chuck Breidenstein: Co-Host Of Inside Outside Guys

Chuck, AKA the “Inside Guy,” has been active in the building industry as practitioner and educator for more than 30 years.


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