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Dinosaurs At The Detroit Zoo

Heads up! There are spitting dinosaurs at  the Detroit Zoo. It’s part of “Dinosauria,” open now through Labor Day in Royal Oak. The exhibit stars more than 30 life-like animatronic  dinosaurs  that roar, snarl and move. And spit. Zoo boss Ron Kagan says “Sixty-five million years after  the last dinosaur species became extinct, these prehistoric creatures  still capture […]


Detroit’s Date With A National Treasure (You’re Invited)

The Emancipation Proclamation is coming to metro Detroit.

CBS 62–05/18/2011

Planking. A Funny Prank? A Parent’s Nightmare.

Here comes  another fad. The pictures are posted on Facebook.  It’s supposed to be cool and funny. And it’s just turned fatal. Have you heard about “Planking?” It sounds innocent enough.  It involves someone lying flat on their stomach with their arms against their body in an unusual setting or situation. Kids do it.  Their […]


Troubled Trees

What’s wrong with my trees? They used to be green. They look like goners.


Finger Size And Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Do your fingers hold a clue about Lou Gehrig’s disease? Possibly.


The Pitfalls Of Purchasing A Home On The Cheap

There are houses in the suburbs going for as little as $6,000 — seemingly the deal of a lifetime. Should you take the plunge on one of these properties?


A Royal Spoof!

  Where did they get these look-a-likes! A spoof wedding video that uses actors who look astonishingly like the British Royal family boogying down the aisle has gone viral.  It was created to advertise T-Mobile. (The cell phone company.) Love the part with “Prince Harry.” Actually, I love the whole thing.  Check it out at  […]


Meet Trevor Bayne! For Free!

  Attention Daytona 500 fans! Here’s your chance to meet Daytona 500 winner, 20 year old Trevor Bayne. He is going to be at the Henry Ford Museum Wednesday, March 9, from 3:30 to 4:15 pm.  He’ll take questions from the audience, and you may even be able to have your picture taken with him. Here’s […]


Feminist Manifesto

I had an interesting conversation this week with Anne Doyle.   (The daughter of WWJ’s beloved Vince Doyle.) Anne was Detroit’s  first FEMALE TV sportscaster.  She’s been a top level manager at Ford.  Now she’s a city council member in Auburn Hills.  Mostly she’s a feminist, and has written a book  called  “Powering Up, How American Women Achievers […]


Disturbing News

  There are two relatively recent news stories that play over and over in my head.  They are disturbing.  Awful.  Heart breaking. The most recent local horror involves that 69-year-old Macomb  Township woman who gets her door kicked in, in broad daylight, gets two knives stuck in her neck, and gets her purse and her […]



Do you have any “friends” who seem to have a toxic effect on you? People who leave you worse for wear? People who seem to suck the life out of you or who break your heart? Maybe they’re not friends. Maybe they’re “frenemies.”  A local therapist says it’s not something to be taken lightly. Lori […]


I Love You. Now change.

What’s the secret to a long lasting love? How do you cultivate a happy marriage? A local expert says being realistic is a good place to start. Dr. Tim Hogan, Director of Grace Counseling Center in Detroit says, “We have to give up our agenda of transforming the other person into the one we want […]


“Imported From Detroit” (by Roberta Jasina)

Oh Chrysler. You have hit a homerun. I don’t remember the last time I saw a new car commerical that brought tears to my eyes.  That made me so proud of Detroit.  The true greatness of the Eminem/Chrysler commercial is that it wasn’t a phony-baloney ad.  It shows us the way we are.  The good.  The […]


A Lion’s Tragedy

     What a sad situation involving Detroit Lions  quarterback  Shaun Hill.  (I don’t know how a person recovers from something like this.) The Lions quarterback and his 60 year old father ( Ted) were working together on a barn on Shaun Hill’s property  over the weekend in Missouri. There was a horrible accident. Hill’s father falls. […]


Aspirin, Religion, The Most Expensive Book

Why are American soldiers so worried about their weight? According to the Army Times, soldiers are starving themselves— taking diet pills and laxatives, even resorting to liposuction— to meet the Army’s weight standards, and to avoid losing their careers.


Derek Jeter Looks Good in that Old English D

Having trouble imagining what Derek Jeter would look like as a Detroit Tiger? Beckett Media, which prices baseball cards is helping out by posting pictures of Jeter in the jerseys of all 30 major league teams on a page titled…Totally Fake Baseball Cards.


Something New from Weight Watchers.

Something new from Weight Watchers. They’re calling it their new Points Plus program.  Under the new program, according to,  every food has a PointsPlus value, based on a food’s protein, carbs, fat, and fiber content. Under this new plan…most vegetables and fruits are ZERO points. Under the “old” Weight Watchers program, food “points” were calculated […]


MCREST…helping the homeless in Macomb

The Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team is seeking volunteers, toys, and donations this holiday season to help the less fortunate in Macomb County. MCREST (led by Executive Director Rhonda Powell) works with area churches to feed and house the poor.


Funerals and Broken Hearts

When someone you love dies, maybe it really does break your heart.


One Hot Dog!

Little Stella is a star. The animal rights group PETA is naming Stella the Cutest Mutt Alive


Faygo Cupcakes (mmmmm.)

Now you can have your cake and drink it too! Just Baked cupcakes in metro Detroit has hooked up with Faygo and now offers Faygo flavored Cupcakes.  Grape.  Orange.  And Red Pop. (Of course!) Pam Turkin, owner of “Just Baked” says they use the pop in both the cupcake batter and the frosting.  She says […]


"I Learned the Truth at 17….."

Grammy award winning singer, songwriter Janis Ian is coming to town, in concert this week. She’s performing live Friday 8pm at Central United Methodist Church on Adams at Woodward in Detroit. (Near Comerica Park.)

Ian tells me that Detroit is near and dear to her heart.


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