Frankfurt Auto Show Video Tour RoundupWWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert has assembled a collection of videos from the Frankfurt Auto Show.
Social Updates From Jeff Gilbert At NYIASWWJ Newsradio 950 auto reporter and Car Chronicles writer Jeff Gilbert attends the New York International Auto Show. Follow along with his tweets, status updates, photos, news and videos.
Car Chronicles -- April 9, 2012We take a look at a new Polk study that shows hybrid buyers often make different choices the second time around.
Car Chronicles -- March 13, 2012On Good Samaritan Day, Onstar talks about their Good Samaritan calls, when a driver reports problems somebody else is having.
Car Chronicles -- March 12, 2012We talk with Detriot News reporter Bryce Hoffman about his new book--"American Icon"--looking at the Ford turnaround.
Car Chronicles -- 03-08-12Today's Car Chronicles looks at a new TV program, featuring the 2013 Ford Escape called "Escape Routes."
Car Chronicles -- March 6, 2012Car companies are showing their stuff at the Geneva Auto Show.
Car Chronicles -- March 2, 2012We take a test drive in the Chevy Malibu Eco.
Car Chronicles -- February 29, 2012Car sales for February are looking good, despite rising gas prices. But those high gas prices are pushing more people to small, fuel efficient vehicles.
Car Chronicles -- February 28, 2012We take a look at Consumer Reports top picks for cars and trucks.
Car Chronicles -- February 27, 2012
Car Chronicles -- December 15, 2011Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has a record number of "Top Safety Picks."

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