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Five Years After Hurricane Katrina 08/28

Courtesy of CBS News Weekend Roundup: Five Years After Hurricane Katrina we’ll hear from Reporter Dave Cohen on the second disaster to rock the Gulf region, the BP oil spill. August Skamenca reports on those […]


Cell Phones: Easy ID Theft Targets

Cell phones are more powerful than ever, with innovations and features being unveiled constantly. But, reports CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, all that convenience could come with a cost.


5 Best Roller Coasters

If you fancy a wild ride, where better to get one than a roller coaster?! And when better to partake than in summer, which is synonymous with theme parks and fairs?


Prez: We Don't Get Enough Credit for Success

A year and a half into his presidency, Barack Obama is facing some tough challenges now at home and abroad. He talked about them the other day in an interview with Harry Smith of “The […]


“Jessi Slaughter” Videos A Lightning Rod

Foul language an 11-year-old girl uses in video postings on YouTube has gotten reaction from people viewing them ranging from shock and anger to concern.


President Obama in Holland, MI. 07/15

President Barack Obama delivers a speech today in Holland, MI for a groundbreaking ceremony for a rechargeable battery factory.


President’s Approval Rating On Economy Drops

Economists have declared the economic recession over largely over, but most Americans don’t share their optimism, and they are increasingly blaming President Obama for their money woes.


Tour Boat Overturns After Colliding With Barge

A tourist boat carrying 37 people overturned on the Delaware River on Wednesday afternoon when a barge hit it, leaving two people unaccounted for and the extent of injuries unclear after a frantic rescue effort.


CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss 06/14

WWJ’s Greg Bowmen was joined this afternoon with CBS News Correspondent, Bob Fuss on the live line to discuss previously secret FBI records released today showing there were death threats against then-Sen. Edward Kennedy which […]