chevy volt

Automotive Insight-A 11/30

Firing back at the nay-saying Chevy Volt haters.


More Than 6,000 Take Volt For A Spin; New EV Rollout Near

General Motors Corp. says some 6,348 customers climbed in to the new Chevrolet Volt and took it for a spin during the recently concluded 12-city Volt Unplugged Tour. In shopping mall parking lots, on corporate […]


GM Debuts Ad For Chevy Volt EV (Video)

General Motors’ first TV ad for the Chevrolet Volt is on deck to debut Wednesday night during the World Series, but it’s already at the plate on YouTube. 


Automotive Insight-B 10/22

If you just can’t wait to buy an electric car, WWJ’s John McElroy compares your choices.


Automotive Insight-B 10/21

WWJ’s John McElroy gives his own assessment on the driveability of the Chevy Volt.


Coming Out Week For Chevy Volt

This is a very important week for GM’s Chevy Volt. The company is bringing in journalists and analysts from around the country, giving them time behind the wheel of a Volt and an opportunity to […]


GM CEO: "Goal is to Return Money To The Taxpayers"

“Two quarters (of profitability) do not a trend make, we have to post numbers consistantly.” — GM CEO Daniel Akerson. GM’s new CEO wants to pay the government back, but says it’s going to take […]


Granholm Tests Chevrolet Volt

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm hopped in the passenger seat while her husband took the wheel for a test drive around the Capitol in a new, white Chevrolet Volt.


Quiet Hybrids: An End To Their Sounds Of Silence?

The age of the silent hybrid may be coming to an end.  Gas-electric hybrids, propelled by electric motors at low speeds, are well-known for their quiet ride and great mileage. But their silence isn’t always […]