Detroit Federation of Teachers

Detroit Teachers Union President Lambasts Recall Effort: 'It's Stupid What They're Trying To Do'"Without me right now, without this fight, teachers are going to lose what they have left, pay ... any protections at all, and teachers don't want that," said Steve Conn.
18 Detroit Schools Forced To Close As Teachers Rally In Lansing Against Snyder's 'Reprehensible' New Education Plan"This is the kind of thing that leads to teacher strikes and a rebellion in a city that will not allow more destruction of its public schools."
Report: Teacher, Activist Steve Conn Elected President Of Detroit Teachers UnionConn says he will immediately call a meeting to begin a fight against -- what he calls -- the attacks on the schools, teachers and students by the Snyder administration.
President Of Detroit Teachers Union To Step Down"It's time to step aside and let the next phase of leadership come in," Keith Johnson said.
Detroit Teachers Union Will Fight Pay Cuts 'By Any Means Necessary'"The more we give, the more they want. They more they want, the more they take. We simply are not going to let them take any more."
Union Rep: Detroit High Schools OvercrowdedA union official says Detroit public high schools are facing a crisis two weeks into the school year..
School Districts Closed As Teachers Skip Work To Attend ProtestsSchool has been canceled in two Michigan school districts as hundreds of teachers are expected to call in sick Tuesday to join right-to-work demonstrations in Lansing.
Detroit Teachers Union Calls On City Council For HelpThe president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers is asking the Detroit City Council for help in convincing the school district's state-appointed emergency manager to negotiate with the union on a new contract.
Hundreds Protest Detroit Teachers' ContractPostal workers, the UAW and the AFL-CIO joined a crowd of teachers Thursday in front the Fisher Building.
Union Chief: New Detroit Teachers' Deal Is 'Farce'A new contract imposed by a state-appointed overseer requires Detroit school teachers to pay far more for their dental care and reduces their life insurance benefits without a salary hike, a union leader said Tuesday, blasting the cost-cutting plan as a "farce."
Union Leader Threatens Lawsuit Over Teacher Re-Hiring EvaluationsDetroit Federation of Teachers President Keith Johnson is threatening to file a lawsuit against the school district if any teacher loses their job based on end of the school year teacher evaluations.
Detroit Teacher Layoffs 'Going To Be Very Personal'DFT President Keith Johnson says a new state law leaves it up the the district which teachers will stay and go.
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