Lions: Suh Wins Appeal, Fined 70K Instead Of SuspensionIt appears that the Detroit Lions will have Ndamukong Suh on the roster for Sunday's playoff game against Dallas.
Suh Fined $100,000 For Hit In Sunday's GameSuh did apologize to the team and Deandre Levy directly for costing the Lions a TD. Do you think it was excessive? Anybody out there think he should have been suspended? Has your reputation ever hurt you?
Lions' Suh Fined $30,000; Says Kick Not On Purpose (Video)Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says he didn't kick Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub on purpose.
Secretary Of State Paid $1,325 In Campaign FinesSecretary of State Ruth Johnson, whose job includes enforcing Michigan's campaign finance laws, paid $1,325 in fines last year for failing to file her campaign's own information in a timely manner.
Company Fined For Overcharging Consumers The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development has fined a Colorado-based company for shorting consumers buying their boneless skinless chicken breast singles, sold at Sams Clubs Stores across the state.
DMC To Pay $30M Fine To Federal GovernmentFine is to settle allegations that DMC engaged in improper financial relationships with referring physicians.
Freighter Fined After Running Aground
NFL Fines Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh