Governor Snyder Supports Switching Troubled Flint Water System Back To DetroitFlint is currently facing a public health emergency over lead in its water.
Uber Collecting Bottled Water For Flint SchoolsThe ride-sharing service Uber is willing to give bottled water a lift to Flint.
Water Filter Distribution Starts For Residents In FlintTests have shown children with elevated levels of lead, months after Flint began drawing and treating water from the Flint River.
Man Found With 350 Child Porn Videos On His Phone Sentenced To More Than 16 Years In PrisonAfter receiving a tip, parole agents from the Michigan Department of Corrections went to Jack Ford’s home and found a phone with more than 350 videos of child pornography.
Snyder Pledges $1M For Filters, Steps To Help Flint's Water CrisisGov. Rick Snyder announced the state funds for the city of Flint on Friday, a day after local health officials declared a public emergency following studies that showed local children had elevated lead levels in their blood.
Public Health Emergency Declared Due To Lead In Flint WaterThe city's schools have urged students to avoid fountains and instead carry bottled water.
Flint Authorities Busy With Problematic Vacant SchoolsPolice and firefighters in Flint have responded to an average of more than one call per day to vacant schools.
Gov. Snyder Acknowledges Some Mistakes In Tapping Flint River"If the water was OK, why would the governor work with someone to provide the filters?"
Doctors Urge Flint To Switch Water Source After Kids' Blood Tests Show Lead Poisoning"There is no safe level of lead for a child."
Cold Justice: With Help From TV Show, Man Convicted In Flint Rape CaseMarcel Robinson was convicted Friday of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.
Bottoms Up! Website Ranks "10 Drunkest Cities In Michigan"Which cities are the booziest, most drunken places in the state?
Flint Vows To Appeal After Judge Cuts Water Rates, Stops Shut-OffsA judge ordered Flint to reduce water rates by 35 percent and stop cutting off service to people with unpaid bills.