Gulf of Mexico

BP Capped Well Holding As Waiting Period Ticks By

BP said its capped-off well appeared to be holding steady Friday morning, almost midway into a white-knuckle waiting period in which engineers watched the pressure gauges for signs of a leak.


BP: New Cap Stops Oil Leak

A tightly fitted cap was successfully keeping oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time in three months, BP said Thursday. The victory — long awaited by weary residents along the […]


Leaking Pipe On New BP Well Cap

BP engineers working to choke the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico found a leak on a line attached to the side of the new well cap and were trying to fix it […]


BP Testing Delayed On Gulf Oil Fix

A pivotal moment in the Gulf oil crisis hit an unexpected snag Tuesday evening when officials announced they needed more time before they could begin choking off the geyser of crude at the bottom of […]


Gulf Coast Holds Breath As BP Tests New Well Cap

After securing a new, tight-fitting cap on top of the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico, BP prepared Tuesday to begin tests to see if it will hold and stop fresh oil from polluting […]


BP To Test Pressure On Newly-Sealed Well

BP expects to attach a new, tighter cap to its leaking well later Monday and then testing will be needed before it’s clear if the oil has stopped spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.


BP Station Owners Consider Switch

Some Detroit area BP gas station owners have switched, or are trying to switch brands amid customer boycotts sparked by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


BP's Costs For Spill Response Pass $3B

BP’s costs for the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill climbed nearly half a billion dollars in the past week, raising the oil giant’s tab to just over $3 billion for work on cleaning and […]


UM Research: Gulf Dead Zone To Grow

University of Michigan aquatic ecologist Donald Scavia and his colleagues say this year’s Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” is expected to be larger than average, continuing a decades-long trend that threatens the health of a […]