Watch Three Players Hit A Hole-In-One On 16 At Masters [VIDEO]Louis Oosthuizen's tee shot on 16 landed softly, rolled toward the hole, then ricocheted off J.B. Holmes' ball and into the hole.
Tiger Woods 'You Kidding Me Right Now' -- Kid Hits Hole-In-One On The First Shot At Tiger's New CourseImagine being at the high point of your life at 11 years old. That's how Taylor Crozier from Corpus Christi felt after holing the inaugural shot in front of a big crowd, countless cameras and the course designer Tiger Woods.
73-Year-Old Woman Makes Two Holes-In-One In One Round [PHOTO]73-year-old Margery Hadar had luck on her side recently.
Absurd Hole In One Tribute Video Busts Friends ChopsYou can imagine how inflated a guys ego could get after a hole in one so it's our job as friends to knock him down a peg or two.
Is This A Hole-In-One? [PHOTOS]I think it is a hole-in-one but many will debate it with you since it is not indeed in the cup.
Wife, Husband Say They Hit Back-To-Back Holes-In-OneTony and Janet Blundy said their aces came while golfing Sunday at Ledge Meadows Golf Course in Grand Ledge.
First Ever Underwater Hole-In-One [VIDEO]Yes, you did indeed read the headline correctly.
OU Student Gets 2 Hole In OnesIt was an incredible moment for a 23-year old Oakland University Junior who couldn't believe her eyes when she landed aces in the same game.
Nine Golf Trick Shots In OneYou may have witnessed, or been lucky enough to hit a hole in one. But how about the same time?
92-Year-Old Man Gets Hole In One One 92-year-old has a senior moment -- he'll never forget.

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